My Norwescon 45 Schedule (2023)

I’ll be in Seatac from Thursday evening through Sunday midday this coming Easter weekend, but only on programming Friday and Saturday:

Friday, April 7th

🎤 Generation to Generation: Talking Writing
Olympic 3
2–3 p.m.

Hear from writers of all ages at various parts of their authorial journey as they talk about how the genres have evolved and what that means for the future. For Tweens and Teens.

Curtis C. Chen (M), Benjamin Gorman, Cait McKinzie, Carol Berg

Managing Parasocial Relationships
Cascade 7 & 8
5–6 p.m.

How should authors and fans interact with each other, particularly through social media? Should you friend or follow your favorites? How do you set healthy professional and personal boundaries for interaction? Join our panelists as they navigate this complex yet common issue.

Sar Surmick (M), Sheye Anne Blaze, Curtis C. Chen, Eva L. Elasigue

Saturday, April 8th

Autograph Session 1
Grand 2
10–11 a.m.

Our guests of honor and attending professionals are available to sign autographs. Please note: so that as many fans as possible can participate, we will enforce a three-item (or single-sketch) autograph limit.

P. Djèlí Clark, Michael Damian Thomas, Lynne M. Thomas, Grace P. Fong, Dr. Greg Dubos, Nisi Shawl, Benjamin Gorman, Brenda Cooper, Brianna Tibbetts, Carol Berg, Caroline M. Yoachim, Casey Dunn, Curtis C. Chen, D.L. Solum, Daryl Gregory, David D. Levine, Ellis Bray, Eva L. Elasigue, Evan J. Peterson, Frank Morin, Gabe (G.S.) Denning, Gordon B. White, Heather S. Ransom, Jack Skillingstead, Jeff Sturgeon, Joseph Brassey, J.P. Barnett, Julie McGalliard, Kimberly Unger, Marie Bilodeau, Agathon McGeachy, Joseph Malik, Mikko Azul, Nancy Kress, Patrick Swenson, Rhiannon/R.Z. Held, Scott James Magner, Steven Barnes, Tyrean Martinson

📺 Beyond the Hero’s Journey?
Cascade 11 or Twitch
noon–1 p.m.

Writers are beginning to explore innovative story structures, such as the heroine’s journey or Ursula K. Le Guin’s Carrier Bag Theory of Fiction, that aren’t the hero’s journey or the three-act structure. Writers discuss their efforts to create new structures in their fiction, what succeeded in their eyes, and why challenging this status quo in literature is important to them.

Steven Barnes (M), Daryl Gregory, Curtis C. Chen, Coral Moore

Reading: Curtis C. Chen
Cascade 3
4–4:30 p.m.

Curtis C. Chen will read from a work in progress. Probably a new Kangaroo adventure, but who knows?! Rated PG.

Curtis C. Chen (M)

🎤 Bringing POC Culture to POP Culture
Cascade 9
5–6 p.m.

We are slowly starting to see more diverse representation in our television shows, movies, books, and podcasts, but we still have a long way to go. Why do people react so negatively to new ideas, new characters, and new cultures? Is it just racism? Is it an assumption that audiences won’t be able to relate? How can we, as fans and consumers of popular media, encourage greater interest and support for this growing but still fragile movement of increased representation?

Curtis C. Chen (M), Grace P. Fong, Eva L. Elasigue, Maquel A. Jacob

I’m not planning to do much barconning since I still don’t feel comfortable dining indoors around public randos (no offense). Look for me outside if you want an unmasked interaction!

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