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Most of us won’t be in New Zealand for Worldcon this year #becauseofthepandemic but there will still be plenty of online programming to overwhelm everyone, as per usual. Here’s what I’m up to next week (links go to Grenadine):

17:00, Tuesday 28 Jul 2020 PDT
Workshop: Pitch Perfect
(Perfection not guaranteed) The purpose of an “elevator pitch,” or something you might share to a Twitter pitch contest, is not to summarize your entire story; that’s impossible in such a short length. The goal is to make someone want to know more about your project. In-person pitching is perhaps the toughest thing for any writer to do, but if you have a good sense of what your story is and why someone might be interested in it, you’ll be well on your way to hooking a new reader. Participants should be prepared to read their pitch aloud but if not comfortable, the instructor will read it for you, if you enter the pitch in the Zoom Chat window. Child Membership cannot sign up for this particular workshop.

18:30, Wednesday 29 Jul 2020 PDT
Mostly from works in progress, probably, mostly!

15:00, Thursday 30 Jul 2020 PDT
Panel: “Stranger in a Strange Head: Imposter Syndrome”
(NOTE: I am replacing Charlie Jane Anders on this panel)
With Cassie Hart (moderator), Margot Atwell, Ash Charlton, and Grant Stone.

18:00, Thursday 30 Jul 2020 PDT
Panel: Get to Know SFWA
The Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America is the world’s oldest speculative genre writers group. We welcome writers and industry professionals from around the world. Please stop by to see if membership might be right for you! If you are an existing member of the organization, please join us to say hello and find out what the organization has been doing for you.
With Steven Silver, Cat Rambo, and Sarah Pinsker.

20:00, Thursday 30 Jul 2020 PDT
We’ll have coffee, we’ll talk, no big whoop.

19:00, Friday 31 Jul 2020 PDT
Panel: “The Future of Engineering/Design/Manufacturing: Influencing the World, Influencing SF”
With Deborah Munro (moderator), Tore Høie, Dr Mark English, and Chris Winspear.

I’m looking forward to seeing folks “there,” even if it’s only on a laptop computer screen.

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