Three Months of Free Fiction!

Okay, don’t get too excited: I’m only posting one thing every month, so it’s just three short stories. But they are all new, original works, and explicitly in conversation with the current state of the world…

“What if we actually had a functioning democracy?”

February: “Cats Don’t Care About Universal Basic Income” – in which every citizen gets UBI when they turn 25. Inspired by Andrew Yang before he lost it.

March: “It Takes Two” – in which a Secret Service agent discovers a gruesome that the President and his husband have been hiding. Spoiler alert: it doesn’t end well.

April: “When Second Is Actually First” – depicting a future in which commerce thrives by regulating capitalism. Inspired by the MIT Mystery Hunt.

All of those pieces (and more) are FREE to read over on Curious Fictions, where you can also subscribe for future updates!

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