High School Reunion

Last month, DeeAnn and I traveled to Southern California to visit family and friends, and while we were there I also caught up with two of my high school teachers: Kathy Jensen and David Spaid.

“Ms. J”
Mr. Spaid

They’re both retired from teaching now, and have been for a few years. Kathy taught choir (I joined senior year), and was also the choral director for our spring musicals (Fiddler on the Roof was my first; Guys and Dolls was my last). David taught freshman English, and also sponsored the science fiction club (which I led for three years).

It’s been nearly 30 years since I graduated from West High. I still keep in touch with some friends from that time–mostly on Facebook now, which means it’s generally a shallow sort of connection–but for some reason, I’ve always felt more affinity with the teachers.

Read into that whatever you will, I suppose.

Anyway, while we were down there my family also got together for Sunday brunch. Credit my mother and sister for these artistic presentations:

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