What I Did in 2018

I guess it’s time to take stock of what’s happened in my life over the last twelve months, both professionally and personally…

In 2018, I had two fiction stories published:

I also wrote a nonfiction article based on several workshops I’ve presented recently:

And I narrated three other writers’ stories for podcasts:

I finished a new standalone novel, which is now out on submission to publishers.

I was part of the writing team for Ninth Step Station, a new serial debuting January 9th on Serial Box.

Other things that happened in 2018:

I served my first full calendar year as Secretary of SFWA.

I continued helping to organize Puzzled Pint events every month.

I attended the Launch Pad Astronomy Workshop and XOXO Fest.

I appeared at seven conventions: Emerald City Comic Con, Norwescon, the SFWA Nebula Conference, the Willamette Writers Conference, Worldcon, World Fantasy, and OryCon.

I loaned some items to the new “Worlds Beyond Here” exhibit at the Wing Luke Museum of the Asian Pacific American Experience.

Back in February, DeeAnn and I went on what is, for various reasons, likely to be our last JoCo Cruise.

In June, seven months after he was diagnosed with terminal cancer, our cat Jasper died peacefully at home.

And in December, we got a new cat, Alice, from our friend Lili. As of this writing, she’s still figuring out the best way to play with our other cat, Tye, but has otherwise integrated herself into our household pretty well.

Looking ahead to 2019:

I’m already committed to eleven different author-type events, though only five of those are out of town.

On Friday, I’m headed to New York City to start a new Serial Box project.

I started writing another standalone novel in November, and hope to finish the first draft by the end of January.

DeeAnn and I are celebrating our second ReWedding (read: 14th wedding anniversary) in three different cities on the west coast in March. If you’re in the Bay Area, Portland, or Seattle, email us for more details.

I don’t know what else we’ll be facing in the next twelve months, but I know we’ll be able to deal with it, whatever it is.

Because I know we are stronger together.

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