I have another deadline this week

Which means I don’t have the time/brainpower for a thoughtful, well-researched blog post today. So instead, here’s a roundup of some interesting stuff I tweeted or retweeted in the past week:

My pals @TheDoubleclicks are making a new album: PRESIDENT SNAKES! Back their @Kickstarter : http://t.co/JAsOFux5UV pic.twitter.com/pDED235Qsm

— Curtis 小說作家 Chen (@sparCKL) May 8, 2015

#DiversifyAgentCarter because black people had, in fact, been invented. pic.twitter.com/o8Sh0XBDLh

— Sunil Patel (@ghostwritingcow) May 8, 2015

Yay! Today's video is up! "Avengers Age of Ultron: All Snarked Up" https://t.co/7vfBI1X1hS

— snarke (@snarke) May 10, 2015

"Drawing on empirical research, eight principles to get more happiness from money" [pdf] http://t.co/OMTo6erxty pic.twitter.com/8ev5qUXA7U

— Chris Dixon (@cdixon) May 11, 2015

No YOU'RE weeping openly during the entire last minute of that Supergirl trailer SHUT UP https://t.co/bT7uyMWY4w

— Curtis 小說作家 Chen (@sparCKL) May 14, 2015

And before you ask, yes, I do have a goddamn Tumblr. But I don’t use it that much, because I am not actually a twelve-year-old girl. It just seems that way.


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