I Enjoy Coffee

Though perhaps not quite as much as Lorelai Gilmore.

Herewith, three presentations of a relevant scene:


Luke: You wanna know what this stuff does to your central nervous system? Lorelai: Ooh, do you have a chart? 'Cause I love charts.

— Gilmore Girls Quotes (@GilmoreWords) January 23, 2013






By the way, that’s episode two of Gilmore Girls. As in, the second episode ever. That show knew its voice from the very start, and it’s a crying shame that creators Amy Sherman-Palladino and Dan Palladino were not able to conclude the series the way they had intended.

On the bright side, Ms. Sherman-Palladino did get to make a full season of Bunheads. And that bittersweet finale is perfect in so many ways. The whole series is now streaming free on Amazon Prime and well worth eighteen hours of your time, if you like that sort of thing:


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