SnoutCast #190: This Was 40

Okay, it’s forty-eight–minutes long, that is, if you want to be pedantic. But come on, my wife and some of my best friends made a birthday puzzle hunt just for me. I think I’m allowed to gush for a while.

THANK YOU again to everyone who helped with “The Double Secret Project!” I love you all forever. (Scroll down for the inevitable slideshow.)

[ Download mp3 – 45 MB ]

00:59 – “deceptive”
03:20 – the lying began way back in June
08:16 – a close call in July!
10:29 – The Game began at Genies
15:19 – the first Clue: at which point Curtis knows for sure Matt is involved
19:09 – the second Clue, more revelations, and solving alone is hard
20:59 – the third Clue: Brian, Jeff, and Donna‘s “chubby tricorder”
25:33 – changing cars, getting kidnapped, and learning about child safety locks
29:19 – the fourth Clue: Q presents some paper dolls
31:50 – the fifth Clue: music to transport by
33:38 – the final Clue: Starship Artemis on stage!
44:27 – (don’t worry, we’ll talk about The Famine Game soon)
45:10 – upcoming: Ghost Patrol Reconstructed (Halloween night)
48:15 – The End

And here’s the slideshow (photos by Britta and Chris, certain terrible music choices by Richard):

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Music: instrumentals from “Code Monkey” and “I Feel Fantastic” by Jonathan Coulton; “The Nerdy Birthday Song” by The Doubleclicks

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