The Famine Teams: District 2, Masonry

Jasper here! This is part two in a twelve-part series, examining the teams with which the humans will be playing in The Famine Game this fall!

Supposedly District Two specializes in masonry, but I’m not sure how that applies to these two teams, since neither one appears to demonstrate any skill in bricklaying or stonework. Maybe we’ll find out later? Or maybe they mean Freemasonry? It’s a mystery!

Bostucky Plugh
Kentucky, New Jersey, and Massachusetts

It’s another bunch of unfamiliar humans! That would make sense, since I haven’t been to any of those easterly states since 2008! Cats don’t really like traveling that much, I’ve found. And we don’t really enjoy puzzles, either, but if we did, I’m sure I would find some of the bits in this video downright fascinating! Or something. Anyway, nice to meet you, Mark, Joe, Nathan, and Paul! Try not to die!

The Puzzle Underground
Portland OR

Hey, I know these humans! Ana, Rob, Vic, Matt, and Emily have all been to our house many times before! Kate hasn’t visited yet, but I hear she plays a mean harp. And I understand they’re all regulars at Puzzled Pint, either as “solvers” or “constructors!” (I just learned that terminology recently, from Greg Costikyan’s book Uncertainty in Games!) This trip to the Capitol might be the farthest these guys have ever traveled for a weekend Game, but I’m sure it’ll be lots of fun and totally worth their while!

Next week: meet the teams from District Three!


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