SnoutCast #144: Hangry is the Hunter

Seriously, dude, hangry is, like, totally a thing.

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00:58 – “nutritious”
05:14 – etymology wars
09:06 – why DeeAnn enjoys feeding people
13:30 – actually, variety is the spice in life
16:37 – the trouble with cheese
19:29 – no joke, these bags are super useful
21:52 – The End

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Music: instrumentals from “Code Monkey” and “Chiron Beta Prime” by Jonathan Coulton

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  1. Oh man, food. One of the things I won't miss, after switching Mystery Hunt teams this year, is the annual tradition of cajoling my one friend with a CostCo membership into making a shopping run with me the week before Hunt. And in addition to general issues of nutrition vs. tastiness, I'm wondering whether the Hunt will end Saturday night or Monday morning, and what's the optimum way to pack perishables into the dorm fridge I'm borrowing from another friend, and do we really need a microwave when we have an electric kettle, and…?

    So, yeah, it'll be nice not having to worry about those things.

  2. The thing is that I make decisions about what to eat in a The Game based on what things make my sweat smell icky and maybe I don't want to tell people about that when they are trying to think about food so I have nothing to say about this podcast OK

  3. Hangry is totally a thing, if you are married to an adorable European who can't say her h's. Then you can ask "wait, I didn't understand, are you hungry or angry?" It's a bit like a heisenquestion, though, since the very act of asking it collapses the superposition of states from "hungy/angry" directly to "angry". And then you had better hope you have some chocolate to give her…

  4. Larry: Feel free to post on your own blog and link to it from here. 🙂

    Jeff: That's sort of a degenerate uncertainty principle, isn't it, if it always resolves to "angry"? 😉

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