SnoutCast #140: Back to the Summit

This week, Curtis finds out how much DeeAnn remembers from the Game Control Summit way back in January. Want to take the Dumb Quiz™ yourself? Go watch the videos first, then listen to this podcast and play along at home!

[ Download mp3 – 23 MB ]

01:00 – “teachable”
02:19 – GC Summit 2012 videos at
04:18 – play along with our Dumb Quiz™!
05:18 – Corey Anderson: “Running Someone Else’s Game”
08:13 – Jett Jones: “WHO Re-Cast, Creator’s Perspective”
09:13 – Bob Schaffer: “BAWHO Post-Mortem, Non-Creator’s Perspective”
12:43 – Scott Blomquist: “Puzzle Theory 3: Designing for Portability”
14:41 – Linda Holman: “Shinteki Aquarius, Seven Years Later”
17:20 – Andy Rich: “MSPH14 Simulcast Post-Mortem”
19:28 – more GC stuff at
20:59 – (phonetic alphabet FAIL)
23:22 – The End

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Music: instrumentals from “Code Monkey” and “A Talk with George” by Jonathan Coulton

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