SnoutCast #132: The Road to WARTRON

By listener request: the biggest things that changed in WarTron because of the Dry Run! (This will be our last super-sized episode for a while, we promise.)

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00:59 – “adjustable”
01:18 – WarTron spoilers ahoy!
05:56 – why a Dry Run?
07:22 – changed: 16 out of 35 puzzles (esp. that one puzzle)
12:52 – added: this other puzzle
14:50 – changed: starting route order
21:55 – added: more story pieces overall
26:10 – changed: clue/location matching
29:57 – changed: yet another puzzle (rollback)
33:07 – added: more iconic Portland landmarks
36:03 – integration testing is good!
41:38 – The End

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Music: instrumentals from “Code Monkey” and “Shop Vac” by Jonathan Coulton

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  1. This was a cool show. When we drove past the Vista House, we guessed that y'all would have liked to use it but that it didn't have enough parking. We hadn't guessed about the totally-different route, though.

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