SnoutCast #85: “Re: Microsoft Intern Game 2011 (Part 2)”

In which we finish up our conversation with MSIG-GC folks Greg Filpus, Kim Vlcek, Matt VanderKolk, and Nick Fang. They’re always looking for playtesters and other volunteers! E-mail for more information.

[ Download mp3 – 31 MB ]

01:32 – the big question–answered?
05:36 – Matt’s pre-Microsoft GC shenanigans
09:19 – the joy of chaos and “parties”
14:34 – timeline (NB: “last week” was the middle of September)
16:12 – Role Call™: Kim
17:49 – Role Call™: Matt
19:53 – Role Call™: Greg
20:33 – Role Call™: Nick
23:26 – Help Wanted! E-mail for more info
31:48 – The End

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Music: instrumentals from “Code Monkey” and “My Monkey” by Jonathan Coulton

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