SnoutCast #67: “Misc.”

Big news: videos of all the GC Summit 2011 talks are now online! Go check ’em out!

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00:58 – Where’s DeeAnn?
01:23 – GC Summit 2011 talk videos are now online!
04:33 – more stuff on Team Snout’s Game page
07:28 – Curtis reads his “Open Letter to Aspiring GCs” from 2005
12:49 – Listener Mail: Jesse tells us about glory holes, Don Luskin‘s new book
16:06 – why you should watch the GC Summit 2011 talks
18:11 – hey, what’s on
20:00 – The End

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Music: instrumentals from “Code Monkey” and “A Talk with George” by Jonathan Coulton

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  1. Here's a potential show topic: Puzzle Geocachers of NYC. When I was in NYC for DASH, I didn't realize it, but I was hanging out with some folks who are helping more puzzly-minded geocachers of NYC to find each other. Or something like that. Did I mention that I didn't figure this out until I was about to leave? Yeah, well, I didn't figure out very much of it even then. Anyhow, you might want to talk to and and/or folks that they point you at. Instead of the usual "Go to these coordinates and fail to find a geocache hidden in a bush," they come up with stuff more like And they're doing some community-ish stuff to come up with a list of puzzle-y geocaches to solve. I'm not saying this well, and I'm getting the details wrong besides; talk to them about what they're doing.

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