SnoutCast #56: “Summer Reruns”

Other than Running More Games, what are some ways to let more people play in puzzle hunt events? This week, DeeAnn and Curtis talk* about reruns, simulcasts, and hypothetical Game Kits.

* You’d think we would have more conclusions to offer, given how long we blather on, but… Sorry. No. Maybe you have ideas? Send us some feedback!

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01:00 – “repetitive”
01:35 – topic inspired by Shinteki Aquarius Remix: how to allow more people to play Games?
04:09 – people have suggested re-running Games
05:45 – other solutions, NOT including raising the price
08:09 – simply allow more players in a given Game?
10:34 – bottlenecks in Midnight Madness
12:38 – limiting event size in Hogwarts Game
14:58 – the live-theater analogy
18:38 – what about a “Hogwarts Game Kit?”
20:45 – quick recap of options being discussed
21:34 – looking up past Games on the Internet
25:02 – Gamers mostly like to follow the rules… mostly
27:16 – what would be in a “Game Kit?”
33:21 – intellectual property rathole
37:28 – simulcasts!
39:39 – getting over puzzle creation anxiety
42:19 – enumerating specific problems with each option
46:20 – the movie-production analogy
51:25 – Next Week: Iron Puzzler 2011 Debrief
51:49 – upcoming events: Puzzled Pint (3/15, Portland); DASH (4/30, various cities); Shinteki Aquarius Remix (5/14, bay area); World Henchmen Game (6/17-19, Seattle); BANG 28 (7/9, bay area).
53:11 – The End

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Music: instrumentals from “Code Monkey” and “Re: Your Brains” by Jonathan Coulton

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