SnoutCast #51: “Between a Rock and a Hard Clue”

In which we once again demonstrate our total unprofessionalism. That’s a word, right?

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00:00 – Teaser: it’s too early to talk about grammar
02:06 – “bad”
02:34 – the wages of sin is slogging through Dragon Age
04:05 – Now that we’ve actually seen 127 Hours
07:58 – …we can talk about when it’s reasonable to leave a note to tell people where you’ve gone.
10:30 – is this related to Game safety and physical challenges? sure!
16:23 – We’re not going to talk about mine shafts.
19:45 – possibly the worst pizza/game metaphor ever
21:47 – events this month: Puzzled Pint (2/8), GC Summit (2/12), SF-CNYTH (2/19), Iron Puzzler (2/26-27)
27:40 – The End

Music: instrumentals from “Code Monkey” and “I Crush Everything” by Jonathan Coulton

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CKL DeeAnn

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