SnoutCast #41: “Let’s Talk Shinteki”

This week’s guests: Linda and Brent Holman, pillars of the Bay Area Game community, tell us about the happy habit which has become Shinteki. (You may also notice that they live near the N Judah rail line.)

[ Download mp3 – 36 MB ]

00:00 – zomby kitteh teaser
01:08 – “lugubrious”
01:33 – in the beginning: Stanford Games
02:25 – “she’s regretted it ever since” and what happened with Hogwarts Game
07:02 – “I couldn’t have imagined not running a Game”
08:03 – how to choose your college major
10:09 – “what I never did learn was how not to run a Game”
11:07 – starting the business: Just Passing Through, established 2001
15:03 – the origin of “just passing through”
17:25 – on not turning Jackpot Game into a TV show
19:12 – today: the Shinteki empire
23:17 – the voices of experience
25:16 – on running age-appropriate events for children
27:17 – advice for new GCs
29:00 – are day games now more popular than full-weekend events?
30:22 – re-runs, e.g., Decathlon on consecutive weekends
32:16 – we love our volunteers
33:12 – hire Shinteki! (PDF brochure)
35:00 – upcoming events: Puzzled Pint tonight!
38:45 – The End

Music: instrumentals from “Code Monkey” and “The Future Soon” by Jonathan Coulton

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