SnoutCast #39: “Playtesting”

In which we address playtesting-related questions raised by Larry, creator of 2 Tone Game, and refer to playtesting-related insights from Matt, co-creator of Ghost Patrol.

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00:58 – “exciting”
01:29 – our inspirations: Puzzled Pint preparations, Larry’s “Question for GCs: Observing Playtesters,” and Matt’s “Puzzle Authoring and Editing In A Game Control Setting”
03:32 – “We probably shouldn’t do podcasts in bed anymore”
04:18 – pondering the properties of pontification
05:20 – how Team Snout approaches playtesting
11:19 – playtesting parties and other good things about the San Francisco bay area
14:32 – the hindsight effect: un-hating puzzles in retrospect
20:32 – prototype revision anxiety
25:15 – The Game is bigger than any one person on GC
27:49 – “The needs of the many…” (Q.E.D.)
28:27 – remote playtesting in Hogwarts Game and DASH 1 & 2
36:18 – the playtesting hierarchy (worst to best): e-mail, phone, in-person
36:53 – Pope hat! Pope hat! (7:42)
37:37 – upcoming events: Ghost Patrol BANG/SNAP 7 (10/31, Bay Area/Seattle)
39:10 – The End

Music: instrumentals from “Code Monkey” and “I Crush Everything” by Jonathan Coulton

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CKL DeeAnn

P.S. A hearty shout out to Dann Webster and Jonathan McCue, with whom we spent a lovely evening in Los Angeles earlier this month! DeeAnn and I had a great time chatting with them about puzzle hunts and related topics, while enjoying California ribs and frozen yogurt (not at the same time).

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  1. > voice-to-voice next best thing to face-to-face

    Hmm, maybe next time I'm a remote playtester, I should record my audio instead of jotting down email notes.

    Then GC can listen to the audio, count the "WTF"s, and insert hints accordingly.

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