SnoutCast #34: “Announcements Galore”

Curtis flies solo this week, with predictable results.

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00:57 – bad news and good news
01:43 – upcoming events!
02:04 – BAPHL 2 (Boston Area Puzzle Hunt League), September 25th, Boston:
02:43 – Berkeley Mystery Hunt, October 2nd, Berkeley: e-mail
03:32 – “Odd Man Out” treasure hunt, October 23rd, SF’s Tenderloin: e-mail
04:31 – Ghost Patrol BANG (Bay Area Night Game)–SOLD OUT!–October 31st, Berkeley:
05:36 – Puzzled Pint #4: Oktoberfest!, October 12th, Portland:
06:43 – DASH 3 (Different Area, Same Hunt), April 30th, 2011, in 14 cities across the USA:
08:33 – Curtis wants you to send him postcards!

11:55 – you don’t have to send a puzzle: team applications, from GC’s POV
15:58 – Twitter contest!

    For a chance to win one of two surplus Puzzled Pint #3 Pirate Packets, follow @teamsnout on Twitter and tweet something to us with the hashtag #OGCTTF (“Only Game Control Thinks That’s Funny”) before 11:59 PM Pacific Time on Sunday, September 26th. Winners will be announced on the next SnoutCast!

21:52 – The End

Music: instrumentals from “Code Monkey” and “The Future Soon” by Jonathan Coulton

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