The Hump Day Report

Woke up early-ish this morning to take Tye to the vet for another ECG (result: he responded normally to atropine, so apparently he just has a slow resting heart rate), then played hooky in the afternoon to go see Scott Pilgrim vs. the World–which, as I tweeted, totally f**king rocked or whatever and stuff. Go see it. You’ll be happy you did.

Finished a puzzle prototype for next month’s Puzzled Pint, met my writing quota for the day, then did a bit of research on home automation. D helped me locate a stash of X10 hardware–the appliance modules are what I was looking for–so I only had to order the computer interface module (which, mercifully, now uses USB instead of RS232) in order to have all the hardware we need to switch the cats’ auto-feeder over to full computer control.

Now D’s playing Dragon Age: Origins – Awakenings while she continues to recover from last week’s migraine, and I’m going to see what’s playing on Netflix streaming–which, amazingly, hasn’t totally sucked the last few times I’ve tried it. Though tonight I think I’ll pick something a little less depressing than No End in Sight.


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