SnoutCast #23: “Live from San Francisco”

Our special guest this week: Larry Hosken, purveyor of the San Francisco-based 2-Tone Game!

(You may notice a lot of what audio engineers call “room tone” or “crappy sound” in this week’s podcast. This is because we didn’t have a proper mixer for recording off the telephone call. We apologize for being complete amateurs.)

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00:00 – promo teaser: GC Summit 2010 videos online
01:09 – “independent”
01:26 – ObligatoryMontyPythonReference
01:45 – how does Larry feel about food and cooking?
03:13 – Listener Mail!
04:58 – whence the 2-Tone Game?
06:27 – “so you made a puzzle hunt because you wanted to play with a tracking system?”
07:29 – hooray for playtesters!
08:34 – 2-Tone Game is location-specific, but not time-specific
09:40 – total solve times range from less-than-one-day to not-yet-finished
11:06 – “I’m looking at the logs, and here’s someone…”
12:33 – stat fact: most players have started but not finished
13:20 – “Is your first puzzle hard?”
14:18 – “Is the game completely linear?”
15:58 – and what if you’re stuck in Omaha?
17:24 – “Is there a question anywhere in our future?”
18:39 – Larry prefers to play location-based Games
20:01 – what kind of Game does GC want the players to experience?
21:29 – and what kind of experience does GC want to have?
22:23 – ObligatoryHogwartsGameAnecdote
23:00 – DeeAnn has no idea what Curtis is talking about
24:47 – Larry’s parents played 2-Tone Game recently
26:44 – play 2-Tone Game at
27:49 – Larry will release his source code Real Soon Now
29:10 – read more from Larry at
29:45 – don’t forget: Shinteki SF Scramble on July 17th
30:59 – The End

Music: instrumentals from “Code Monkey” and “Ikea” by Jonathan Coulton

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