SnoutCast #22: “Fudge, Food, and Feedback”

We have listener mail! And then, for a change, instead of games, we discuss DeeAnn’s fudge and other culinary topics. Vive la différence!

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00:00 – Extended Teaser™: Listener Mail! (re: “The Trouble with Music Clues”)
01:03 – “Player” clue from Google puzzle hunt 2007
04:55 – being WRONG on the Internet
05:47 – “Mix Tape” clue from Microsoft Intern Game 2007
07:42 – “tasteful”
09:12 – Curtis suggests titles for DeeAnn’s nonexistent cooking show
10:15 – the fudge report from contest winners Corby & Brett
11:41 – what’s in the fudge?
14:21 – insert your own “toasted, buttery, salty nuts” joke here
15:48 – DeeAnn tells you how to make fudge!
21:19 – how to get Gamers to cook? maybe?
22:45 – estimated $4 fudge in approximately 4 minutes
23:26 – segue to the dollar-a-day food dude
24:52 – DeeAnn’s contributed recipes:

26:48 – how to stack coupons and other grocery shopping tips
28:45 – the trouble with recipes
31:50 – the legend of the Jello Brownies
34:41 – Happy Independence Day!
35:43 – The End

Music: instrumentals from “Baby Got Back,” “Code Monkey,” and “Skullcrusher Mountain” by Jonathan Coulton

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  1. If I'd known DeeAnn would be forced to reading my listener comment, I may have tried to be more concise 🙂

    FWIW, I'm a big fan of cooking and so I certainly enjoyed this weeks podcast. I would love to see a hunt based around cooking (I missed BANG Appatite!). I may be in the minority on both points though.

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