SnoutCast #19: “Shinteki Decathlon 6”

DeeAnn interviews Curtis about his SD6 experience.

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00:00 – Last-Part-First Teaser™: inconsequential entrapment
01:23 – “supportive”
01:46 – solution to SnoutCast #17 “Codes” puzzle
02:19 – (re-using sounds from Justice Unlimited)
03:17 – contest entry #1: “Don’t get even—stay odd.” (Brett)
03:55 – contest entry #2: “That’s unusual; let’s ignore it!” (Corby)
05:09 – “They’re both winners!” Congratulations!
06:14 – let’s talk about Shinteki Decathlon 6
06:50 – no spoilers!
08:43 – re-run? watch for info Sign up for Shinteki SF Scramble – July 17, 2010!
09:38 – rule #1: Don’t be a dick.
10:12 – scoring with points, not timing
11:42 – have the palmpilots always been called LEON?
13:01 – starting activity: non-duck konundrum
17:04 – walking portion: mini-puzzle clusters
19:55 – different folks make different types of puzzles
21:45 – “does that code sheet have the right semaphore letters?”
22:21 – bonus puzzles
23:45 – the enduring pizza analogy
24:25 – let’s do it again!
25:36 – maintaining a >1 fun-to-travel ratio
27:28 – Next Week: Toys vs. Games
27:57 – Upcoming: Puzzle Pursuit, June 26th, San Diego
28:11 – want to help with DASH 3 next spring? e-mail
29:27 – The End

Music: instrumentals from “Code Monkey” and “I Feel Fantastic” by Jonathan Coulton

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CKL DeeAnn


  1. In the first Shinteki Decathlon, the program currently known as LEON was instead called ZEUS. For Shinteki Untamed, it was WOLF. Aquarius was before my time (but a name change from FLOW to WOLF would have been aesthetically pleasing and FLOW is a pretty good description of what LEON controls).

  2. Jackpot was the first JPT/Shinteki event that used the device, and for that it was called NEO. I *think* Aquarius used the same name for it, but I don't recall for certain, and as we playtested that one, I didn't get to keep any of the materials so I can't double check.

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