SnoutCast #18: “Win, Lose, or Fun”

In which we reveal the dirty little secret of SnoutCast, i.e., that we record on alternate weeks and simply release episodes weekly. Quelle horreur!

You’ll be able to hear our Shinteki Decathlon 6 review next week, on June 8th. If you can’t wait that long, try Puzzalot’s Puzzle Hunt Forums for spoiler-free discussion.

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00:00 – teaser: name that noise
01:56 – was DeeAnn smiling?
02:19 – playing not to win
03:24 – “We always play games for fun!”
03:35 – “That’s another podcast.”
04:42 – games you have to play for fun, e.g., Fluxx
05:41 – games kids think are stupid
06:31 – even the pre-literate enjoy Apples to Apples
09:00 – playing for fun can still include strategizing
09:48 – most players will not win any given game
10:30 – but people, esp. gamblers, are irrational
11:00 – DeeAnn’s winning roulette strategy
12:41 – DeeAnn’s orthogonal Monopoly strategy
13:44 – why you should not play poker with DeeAnn’s mother
16:01 – Curtis sometimes cares if he wins
16:35 – players helping players
19:23 – I can hear you smile
20:15 – shout like a news anchor!
20:50 – you, too, can look up “Dragon Age sex” on YouTube
22:10 – Next week: Curtis’ Shinteki Decathlon 6 review
23:18 – The End

Music: instrumentals from “Code Monkey” and “You Ruined Everything” by Jonathan Coulton

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