Not so much with the Frenzy

Yeah, so I’m not going to finish Script Frenzy this month. I made a bunch of notes and wrote a couple of decent scenes, but most of April was taken up with preparations for the DASH puzzle hunt. That was fun, but also a lot of work.

And now it’s the end of the month, and a bunch of other stuff is coming due, and… well, honestly, I wasn’t hugely jazzed about Script Frenzy this year to begin with. Too many other things going on, and–to borrow a screenwriting term–there just wasn’t enough at stake to keep me interested.

But I am still writing, and working on other projects: podcasting, volunteering at the library twice a week, and some other things which I can’t talk about just yet. It’s all good. Trust me, I’m a dentist. Insert your own witty catchphrase here.


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