SnoutCast #9: Questions and Answers

In which Curtis gives highly opinionated and possibly ill-informed answers to questions from one of our listeners, and DeeAnn presents well-reasoned and insightful responses to those same questions. It all sort of balances out in the end. Maybe.

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00:00 – Teaser: multitasking mythbusting (there’s a study)
02:52 – Welcome!
04:20 – Question 1: Have there been any activities intertwined with Games that you think worked especially well?
05:21 – …that Shinteki when we were supposed to peek at each others’ name-badges?
08:40 – …the trading game in Mooncurser’s?
13:52 – INTROVERTED XENOPHOBES (thanks Brian)
16:06 – setting expectations; comparisons to Dragon Age: Origins
19:40 – Question 2: Has Team Snout ever considered doing something like this and then decided not to?
22:05 – Question 3: Teams who leave “calling cards” at clue sites: Bane or boon?
22:55 – HLOTF call: following the Notorious T.E.A.M.
27:10 – Question 4: Are there things that player teams do that boost your morale when you’re on GC?
30:09 – HLOTF call: positive Nitinol feedback
32:50 – Two weeks from now, on the SnoutCast: Game Themes!
33:22 – Plugging DASH 2
34:02 – The End

Music: instrumentals from “Code Monkey,” “First of May,” “Tom Cruise Crazy,” “Chiron Beta Prime,” “You Ruined Everything,” and “Shop Vac” by Jonathan Coulton

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