SnoutCast #8: On the Having of Fun

We’re trying something different now: addressing only one topic in each SnoutCast episode (and thus limiting the length to half an hour), and trying not to digress too much. So far, we’re doing better at the former than the latter.

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00:00 – Jaspurr!
01:15 – “Welcome to SnoutCast!”
03:45 – claiming responsibility for “underwear puzzles”
12:00 – secondhand anecdote: “Less phone, more math!”
17:08 – Team Snout wants you to have fun
25:03 – The End

Music: instrumentals from “Code Monkey,” “The Future Soon,” “First of May,” “Mandelbrot Set,” and “Tom Cruise Crazy” by Jonathan Coulton

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CKL DeeAnn Jasper

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  1. Apparently, "snoutcast" is already branded (so-to-speak) in the UK. The good news is that SnoutCast now ranks higher than the Urban Dictionary entry.

  2. Hmm, you must using a different search engine (or hitting a different Google data center) than I am… I get first, then Urban Dictionary, then this podcast.

    I would attempt to do some Search Engine Optimization[TM], but I really don't care that much. I'm pretty sure anyone who wants to find us will be able to. I mean, c'mon, you people solve puzzles for fun. 😉

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