1. “Don’t let faux Klingons send real Americans to war.”

    It sends chills down my spine; we should be expecting Cindy Sheehan to be holding up a large sign outside Bush ranch down in Texas that proclaims this?

    This is tough for me actually. While I love people’s individual spin on things, I think that Wu compromised the efficacy of what he was trying to say by using a Star Trek reference. At the end of the day, he is trying to convince as many people as possible, and his references to Star Trek, while ringing true with the faithful, shut out too much of the majority he’s attempting to convince.

    And his job IS to convince — he’s a politician, and if you cast all cynicism aside, he needs to help guide our country in the best direction he thinks possible.

    His points were good — Bush is being guided by hawks who have never been involved in a war. I just wonder if that point could have reached, and lodged in, more people’s brains.

    Watch though as the slogan starts to appear across t-shirts everywhere and 18-25 voter demographic single-handedly hands the 2008 election to the Democrats 🙂

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