But which one is the superhero?

Last night, I attended a Neil Gaiman event (my third in two days, but that’s another story) at Kepler’s bookstore in Menlo Park. During the Q&A, someone asked how Neil’s Jewish heritage and upbringing had affected his writing, if at all. He said he wasn’t sure, but told a good joke about a rabbi and his driver.

Later, as I watched Neil brushing his mop of dark hair back, it occurred to me– Jewish? Storyteller? Likes to wear black clothes and sunglasses? Wry sense of humor? And the face, fully revealed in that brief moment, seemed awfully similar to another one I’d seen elsewhere…

A Google image search this morning provided the photographic evidence, confirming my suspicions.

Neil Gaiman

Richard Lewis

I mean, think about it. Have you ever seen the two of them together at the same time?


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