The Weather Man

D’s comment after we watched The Weather Man last night was that it was basically the same story as Our Time is Up, one of the Oscar-nominated shorts from 2005, but not done as well. I mostly agree. The performances were good, and most of the situations were believable, but the film overall was a bit meandering, and lacked any sense of real epiphany or catharsis.

Call me sentimental, but I live for the “What have we learned, Charlie Brown?” moment. I live for the St. Crispin’s Day speech, the Agatha Christie denouement, and every other episode of Buffy. I want the time I’ve invested in my fiction to have a meaningful payoff.

In other news, The Best of Dinosaur Comics: 2003-2005 AD has been living on our nightstand for the past few weeks, and I’ve been enjoying a few strips every night before bed. AND LOVING IT. Last night I read ” being able to transform a compliment about a fact you know into a compliment about yourself is another perk”, which, though undoubtedly without legal foundation, was more thought-provoking than most copyright law discussions by EFF or similar activist groups.

This was particularly salient because when I loaded the Weather Man disc into our DVD player, the first thing it auto-played was an obnoxious anti-piracy propaganda film. Bleah.

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