It’s a Sign

Earlier this month, I decided to toss my hat in the ring for this year’s National Novel Writing Month (nanowrimo), using a premise that I’d scribbled down several years ago but never developed– briefly, it’s about Apollo 8, the first manned mission to orbit the Moon, in an alternate reality where werewolves are real. Yes, wacky, but that’s kind of the point.

Then, last week, I learned that the PBS show American Experience will air the documentary Race to the Moon— about the Apollo 8 mission– on October 31st, the day before nanowrimo begins. How perfect is that? It’s almost like finding a penny from the year I was born.

To further tantalize you, here’s an excerpt from PBS’s blurb for the show:

“Apollo 8 [was] arguably America’s riskiest and most important space mission,” says series executive producer Mark Samels. “We’ve heard a lot about Apollo 11 and 13, but without the success of Apollo 8, the entire history of the U.S. space program would have been altered.”

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