dude, your paper is all wet

Man, how cool is this?

Nanotechnology start-up Ecology Coatings says it has developed a spray-on coating that, when properly dried, waterproofs materials–but still allows them to be written on…

[T]he coating… made the paper waterproof without making it waxy, brittle or changing its other characteristics. The original piece of paper has been submerged in water since June… It hasn’t dissolved and [Chief Chemist Sally] Ramsey’s original writing is still on it. She once even took it out of the water, wrote on it some more, and submerged it again.

“It was kind of a ‘MacGyver-ish’ sort of thing,” she said, referring to the 1980s TV series about a scientifically resourceful secret agent. “It turns out also that the paper greatly slows down the growth of mildew.”

“Making paper waterproof–and writable”, CNET News.com

Science rocks!

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