This past weekend was strange, busy, and good.

Friday night, we drove up to Walnut Creek to see our own Brian Rosen in Baby. It’s a good show, and is running for one more weekend– go if you can.

Saturday morning, I drove up to SF with a friend to check out the open casting call for NBC’s “Treasure Hunters.” We didn’t apply; we just wanted to see if any other local Gamers would show up. Some did, and we chatted with them for a while.

Saturday night, another Gamer emailed me to ask if I’d like to join his team and apply for the show. I figured, what the hell, and said yes. Then DeeAnn and I went to Mountain Winery for dinner (good, but not great), and to see Margaret Cho (hi-larious).

On Sunday afternoon, I drove back to SF to record an on-camera interview for the “Treasure Hunters” casting agents. I don’t expect them to call us back. I’m half expecting the show to die in pre-production, since they were asking for applications way back in April and seem increasingly desperate to find suitable contestants– and, by their own admission, the producers keep changing their minds about who they want to cast. But what do I know?

Sunday night, I played in BANG 10 as part of Team Blah (we couldn’t come up with a name). We tied for second, which was not only respectable, but also got us out of having to plan the next BANG– that burden, uh, privilege is reserved for the first-place teams (a three-way tie this time).

Finally, when I got home on Sunday, DeeAnn informed me that our TV appeared to have shorted out when she tried to turn it on that night.

So I’m a little tired today.

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