The Famine Teams: District 10, Livestock

Jasper here! This is part ten in a twelve-part series, looking at the teams who will be playing in The Famine Game this fall!

District Ten raises livestock! Like cows! And sheep! And… cows!

Seattle WA

No video for you, but I believe many of the people on this team help run the annual Microsoft Intern Game! I also believe it’s a thing for them to make their team name into a different acronym for every event, and this time they’re the “Redundant Extraneous District Ten Agrarian Prairie Enforcers!”

Golden SmokingJay
San Francisco CA, East Bay CA, Los Angeles CA


Game veterans Brent & Linda Holman (Shinteki), Jonathan McCue (2013 Ravenchase Great America Race), David Andre (Cerebellum Capital), and John Owens (Associate Professor in Electrical and Computer Engineering at UC Davis) have combined to form a Voltron-like super-team of puzzlers! And when I say Voltron, I mean lions, not vehicles. Lions are super awesome!

Next week: meet the teams from District Eleven!


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