SnoutCast #10: Two or More Players

New weekly format! We’re alternating between puzzle hunt and general gaming topics. This week, we discuss the merits of certain tabletop games, especially in two-player versus more-than-two-player configurations.

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00:00 – a snappy teaser
02:00 – new format and topic, apropos of Gamestorm
03:29 – stressors in Last Night on Earth
07:18 – Settlers of Catan vs. Catan Card Game
09:24 – adding a third wheel, I mean player
11:20 – how to beat Curtis at board games
12:46 – bidding and other multi-player interactions
18:13 – making one-player games into two-player experiences
19:00 – anthropomorphizing video game AIs (or not)
20:50 – “Where’s the not having fun button?”
22:46 – plug: DASH 2, in ten cities across the USA on April 24th!
23:27 – this anecdote would be really funny if you knew Brian Rosen, and I hadn’t misquoted him
24:55 – DeeAnn’s Kruschev impression
26:44 – Next Week: Game Themes!

Music: instrumentals from “Code Monkey” and “Re: Your Brains” by Jonathan Coulton

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